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A very fun approach to getting fit and staying fit is keeping up with the challenge of owning your high energy dog. A mentally and physically drained dog is much easier to train. Do you have time to run with your high energy dog every day before your training sessions? How well does your dog walk and run on a leash in public with you? If your answer is "not that good", then you should take advantage of our running & training sessions. We will pick up your dog or meet you at one of our locations, run with and train your high energy companion to be proficient at various social obedience skills twice a week with the intention of teaching you to train your dog to behave better on a leash. Register today in the pro shop and RSVP for this very popular private class or click on the link below to visit Robbie's page. Visit and "like" our "Dragon Fire Functional Fitness" Facebook page below and look for our promo code to save $20 on booking your first session with Robbie on To check out Robbie's page, click here

Semi-Private Fitness Training

These sessions give you the special attention of a private session, but are no bigger than a group of four people. Excellent for getting your friends together over a lunch break or before work. The rates and discounts are determined by the amount of friends in attendance and the size of the amount of sessions in each monthly training package. The more friends you get together, the more everyone saves! Call for pricing based on your group's size. 

New Dog Walking/

Running Training Program

Virtual Fitness Training: $69 per month

Want personal training, or want to train with a friend, but can't afford personal training? Can't get to the East Whittier/ La Habra area, but interested in experiencing the powerful results of Dragon Fire training? Register for Virtual Training Sessions (VTS). Call today to set up your registration/assessment session. This is our most affordable way to stay in great shape and on track with your fitness goals.

Your registration includes:
1.) Your signed copy of "Dragon Fire: Finding your personal Best" (a $19.99 value). Reading this book will set the stage for both, my expectations of you and for your mind to be in the right place for you to expect the results you desire.
2.) Your initial, first hour, assessment and goal setting consultation via Skype (a $199 value)
3.) Your first four weeks of fitness and nutritional coaching sessions (a $79 value).
4.) Custom designed training program. These will be in video and PDF format a ($62.50 value).
All this is included in your VTS registration for only $216 (that's a savings of over 40%!)
*Friends, family members or your spouse can be added for our very inexpensive, V.I.P. rate! Call for details.

Assessment and Movement Testing
Before training, we will have a trained fitness professional contact you to conduct virtual physical testing, goal setting, review your personal health and fitness history and design your custom training plan of action with you. Within this very important session, we can get a better understanding of how to design the best custom training program for accomplishing your personal goals in the safest way possible.

First Month
You will have a weekly accountability and fitness check-in with your trainer via Skype, to keep you focused and motivated on your plan of action. You will also receive via email, your video and PDF versions of your training program.

Every Month Following
Based on your progress, your physical sessions will receive a "Training Shift" to keep your body and brain challenged. Included in your registration fee is your first and last month of training and is up to you to continue your weekly Skype check-ins. On your second month, your trainer visits will be reduced to a bi-monthly schedule, but if you wish to keep your Skypes to every week, there is an extra fee.

The VTS fitness program can be used in conjunction with the 24 Day Challenge for experiencing incredible health and weight loss results!

Interested in VTS training? Register today and get on the phone to set up your assessment session ASAP!

$99 fitness Assessment Package

or K-9 assessment package or both

(call for combined package pricing)

An important beginning to any responsible weight loss/fitness training program is an assessment which objectively measures your current fitness level so the best workout plans for your specific goals can be programmed for you to achieve the most results possible. Without an effective health and fitness assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured. Dragon Fire's $99 fitness assessment incorporates many different methods of determining which training approach is best for you to experience the results you desire. Our assessment is followed by two hours of personal training, or four, smaller, 1/2 hour training sessions. These can take place, either at Anytime Fitness in Duarte, or in the comfort of your own home or office. Call for details and to set up your assessment package.

The Fitness Assessment Includes:

  • FMS testing
  • Body fat and body mass index 
  • Nutritional journaling
  • Understanding your family health history
  • Training age
  • Intentional blueprint for success
  • Physical agility testing
  • Muscle endurance testing
  • Joint mobility
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Flexibility testing

ask how you and your friends can save 45-60% on personal training.

Attention Dog Lovers! We now offer training sessions at

EZ dog wash​

1748 Royal Oaks Dr. Duarte, Ca. 91010


Getting ready to adopt a dog? Do you know which breed is best for you, your family and your lifestyle? Do you know which puppy's temperament will develop into the best dog energy in the future? Did you know that a poorly selected dog (based on cuteness and feeling sorry for the dog's unfortunate disposition) can lead to frustration and stressful training experiences both for you as well as your dog, for the lifetime of your dog? Let Robbie Alexander take the confusion and frustration out of the dog selection process. Learn how to choose a dog for the right reasons and how to select the breed and temperament that fits your lifestyle and personality. Call today to set up your assessment, selection and beginner training package. After this beginner's package, dog obedience training will be a very fun and fulfilling experience.

The Canine Assessment Includes:

In just one canine assessment session, Robbie Alexander can understand enough about you, your goals, your family, and your pup to program two hours (or four half hour sessions) of training designed to make your dog stop jumping, inappropriately meeting others and leash biting and focus on you more. After a few sessions with Robbie, Rex will respond to the sit, lay down, stay, heel and come when called in a much more impressive way. Give us a call today to set up your assessment package and begin to have peace of mind with a more balanced dog. Remember, the assessment package also can be used as a canine selection package to determine which breed of pup and temperament is best for you and your family's lifestyle. Call today for more information.