In need of some encouragement, inspiration and motivation?

Live Presentations

Need a guest speaker for your next event? Book Robbie Alexander and breathe dynamic energy and life transforming power into your youth / Christian events!

Topics include:

"Victory Potential" (Elementary to Jr. High School Aged Presentations)
* Concentration Champion: For back to school
* Safety Attraction: For the Halloween season
* Out of School and Stayin' Cool: Preparation for summer
* 10 Ways to Show Respect
* Personal Best: Fitness clinics

"Leadership Dynamics" High School/ College Presentations

* Hey P.E. Teachers! Let me give you the day off!
- Your students will play games designed to disguise life lessons and
- Learn an exciting and unique approach to becoming and staying fit as well as how to develop healthy eating habits.

* Colleges
- Hear presentations on subjects related to how to find personal victory in mental and physical areas of development.
- Raise money for a cause or give your student body a jump start for positive change.

"S.P.A.R.X." Christian Youth Presentations
What's your testimony? Spark up your teen or college groups with Robbie Alexander's "S.P.A.R.X. Program designed to jump start the mindset of being a "soldier for Christ" and to prepare youth for the life challenge of presenting the Gospel in every possible environment the world has to offer (Matt 28:18-20). In
these action packed, inspiring events, young followers of Christ learn, through study time and role playing, how to effectively become Christ-like leaders who bring the light of love to the dark corners of the teen and young adult world with empowering actions of faith in God's word. The night is topped off with a special community challenge of action!
In these events, worship, laugh, cry, pray, be humbled, enlightened . . . and enlighten.

Corporate Wellness Training

Dragon Fire offers Corporate Wellness events.

Question: If your biggest moneymaking employees are overweight or obese? How much more of a motivational and revenue attracting asset would they be to your company if they were more fit and had a healthier lifestyle?

*Obese people have an increased risk of infections, depression, and injury as well as sicknesses.

*Obesity is the biggest precurser to heart disease, serious psychosocial issues, lung disease, cancer, kidney disease, type II diabetes, cerebrovascular disease and respiratory problems including sleep apnea.

*Obesity costs companies money, time, unhealthy psychology at work, employees' work efficiency, quality of life and energy.

*What's the secret to getting your group of friends and fellow employees motivated? Incentives, incentives and more incentives!

Use the Dragon Fire "Corporate Wellness"programs to break company records. Reserve a one or two day training session, a 24 Day Employee Wellness Challenge or an eight week,
Advocare Commit to Fit fit lifestyle challenge to kick up your company's approach to living a healthier lifestyle and becoming more fit (in other words, productive, efficient, more agile and safer). Make your people less of a liability and more valuable assets to your company.

After one appointment with you, Robbie Alexander will understand
your needs and desires for your employees and he will also custom designlive events for you and your employees to be encouraged to find their  personal motivation and as a result, develop better success habits, train themselves into better shape and look like the gods and goddesses of your industry. Interested? Call today for a consultation.

Join us in one of ourFree and low cost Adult Seminars

$25 Grocery Store or Restaurant Seminars
To buy organic produce or not to buy organic produce? THAT is the question. What are the "food and/ or restaurant industries" and understand how they determine the way you shop and order food? Learn how to shop or order food the way you want to with you and your family's health at the focus and not the food or restaurant industry's bottom line. Regain your control with these inexpensive, monthly 90 minute seminars.