Can't afford personal or semi personal training? Our large group (6-15 people) boot camp programs on either Whittier's Greenway trail or Duarte's Royal Oaks Trail are great ways to lose weight by jump starting your metabolism, burning Thousands of calories, shedding fat and unleashing your inner athlete as well as releasing much unwanted stress. Every one of the classes we offer bring huge results. Call today to register for the class of your choice.

MRT & HIIT Training (Boot Camp)

Aside from our 24 Day Nutritional Challenge, this program offers the easiest way to both, look and feel better in your clothes and turn your body into a fat furnace! 

Are you an athlete looking for an edge against your competition or do you wish to become athletic? The Metabolic Resistance Training (AKA: MRT) and High Intensity Interval Training (AKA: HIIT) programs are the perfect fit for you. Try a session for FREE! All you have to do is call us to reserve an appointment and get ready to melt the calories away.

These high energy group classes are located at either our Monrovia or Duarte locations. 


Make your dog your fitness partner!

We now offer our services at 

EZ Dog Wash

​1748 Royal Oaks Dr. Duarte, Ca. 91010

Do you have a dog with a ton of energy? Does he do too much jumping, inappropriate meeting, barking, digging and does he tear up your house when you're away? Sounds like a behavior management program is exactly what you need. What if your dog not only listened to you more, but was more interested in serving you? Imagine how powerful you would feel, regaining control and finally having the upper hand during these challenging and potentially embarrassing moments.
The Patient and Assertive Leadership System (AKA: P.A.L.S.) is the right fit for you to gain control of your canine companion while turning yourself into the athlete that can keep up with your canine pal's high energy lifestyle demands. No prior basic obedience training is required. Non-social and misbehaving dogs are all welcome. The emphasis in this class is on basic to intermediate commands, how to use those commands for behavior management, proper handling skills and understanding the types of communication that attracts better behavior in your canine buddy. Balanced dogs equal happy owners. Imagine a fitness boot camp in which your dog can be your training partner and you have P.A.L.S.

For more information or to register for the smaller and more intimate/intensive version of this program call

EZ-Dog Wash at (626) 357-7100

Personal as well as small group training (up to four dogs) sessions are also offered at your home, office or at one of our locations across Whittier, Duarte or Monrovia. Call for details.

Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals


​​                                          P. A. L. S.

Areyou a runner or just want to look like one?
In our morning sessions, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Saturdays, meet us at the beautiful Royal Oaks Trail just 
south of the Bradbury Community.
Imagine having the body of a competitive runner. Our new Royal Oaks Trail Boot Camp (Runner's Club) offers a fun time challenging your fitness levels in action packed, stress busting, muscle building, body weight training, carbohydrate/fat burning and athletically challenging boot camps with a touch of a running club. Want to learn the secrets for how to continue losing belly fat for up to 48 hours after you stop training? Want to learn how to run like a champion? You're definitely at the right place.

For more information or to register for this program call us to reserve your spot, try a session for free, register after and you're in.

WARNING!Only join these programs if you desire to feel great, tone muscles, lose weight, control and connect with your k-9, sleep better, perform like a champ, get stronger, feel awesome, learn how to increase your metabolism and look sexier. Yes, I'm sure you can probably find a reason not to join us, but there are so many more reasons to join us than there are reasons why you shouldn't be here. Right? Want to have a beach body all year round? Do you wish you could perform more like a 20 year old athlete? Do you want to finally have control over your environment with your k-9 companion? These action packed sessions are where you need to be, but only. . .

*If you desire to make the commitment to be greater and

* If you are willing to be held accountable for putting in the work necessary to experience a personal breakthrough

Unlimited Boot Camp Session Rates

If you desire to take on all of the programs Dragon Fire has to offer, we have registration offers that will fit into anyone's budget. Our month to month unlimited rate is $129 which includes a combination of any three classes per week. Choose a Running Club session, MRT fitness and/or Alpha P.A.L.S. sessions per week. With the unlimited rate, you also get monthly fitness testing, our weekly newsletter, monthly body measurements or composition check and a free grocery store or restaurant seminar for learning the "nutrition secrets" for keeping the weight off. We also offer a reduced, $89 monthly rate for two group sessions per week. When you call, ask about how to take advantage of even lower monthly rates for annual commitments.

No more excuses! At these prices, all excuses magically vanish and its easier than ever to accomplish your health and fitness resolutions . . . every year.

Interested? Space is limited to 20 clients per fitness session and ten per dog training session so call today to register and reserve your spot. I'll see you in the morning or evening sessions at the Royal Oaks Trail in Duarte/Bradbury or the Greenway Trail of Whittier!

Fitness Group Sessions Schedule (class schedule for 2017)



Greenway Trail Runner's Club

Royal Oaks Trail Runner's Club (MRT)


Youth Athletic Conditioning Clinic

Greenway Trail Runner's Club (MRT)


Youth Athletic Conditioning Clinic


Royal Oaks Trail Runner's Club


P.A.L.S. K-9 Fitness Training

Basic Alpha Dog Training


(at Royal Oaks Extension Park)


Can't make time to go to the gym?

Let us bring the gym to you!

Need help designing the right gym for me to train you at your home and/or office?

Give us a call.

Purchase the same, high quality equipment used in the Dragon Fire sessions at the perfect price at the link below.


Teen Athletic Conditioning Clinics for Jr. High and High School athletes ages 12-18

Tuesdays & Thursday nights at 5:30pm at Royal Oaks Extension Park

Struggling to become a greater athlete? Ready to get to the next level?

We work along side coaches and parents to build better athletes. 

In these clinics, expect to:

*Increase your quickness & Agility   *Develop a Better Vertical Leap    *Get Stronger    *  Improve Core Strength    *Test Every Month

Large Group fitness 

&/or Dog training


Want twice the results by learning how to change the way you eat, drink and supplement?
Register for our next Advocare 24 Day Challenge on June 1st and get your first month of boot camp training for free!

Preparing for a "biggest loser challenge" at work? Dragon fire will slap down $100 to the office who needs some extra motivation. Each month, you will have an opportunity to join us in our. . .

24 Day Nutritional/Fitness Challenges.

Physical training is only one aspect of becoming a person of power. Proper nutrition and supplements influence the way your body performs in your training sessions, how you look, how well your brain functions as well as how efficiently your body responds to training.

Want to experience amazing health and fitness results in your training? Do you wish to athletically perform like a champion? Want to exchange more fat for lean muscle, dramatically increase your energy levels, look better in your clothes and increase your metabolism? For the basic level of this life changing program, $199 (plus shipping) registers you for our next Challenge. Get all the supplementation and nutritional guidance you need for your ten day system cleanse, followed by a 14 day nutritional re-boot.

Own a business? Dragon fire will slap down $100 to the office who wants to match my prize money to offer some extra motivation to their employees to get healthier.

The money doesn't go to the one who lost the most weight, but whoever has experienced a life changing journey that has the best story. 
BONUS:Commitment + accountability = a breakthrough! Register for the challenge and have Robbie Alexander as your accountability coach via phone, email & video and our facebook page, "Robbie Alexander's 24 Day Challenge".  You don't have to be present to experience the benefits. Just register at the link below, keep in touch, be ready for the challenges and stay committed to experiencing dramatic physical changes.
  The 24 Day Challeges are done in teams once a month so to join the next team challenge and learn how to be "fight fit" all year round, contact me at (562)298-0751.

Click here to visit the link to read about my 24 Day Challenge journey and to research Advocare for yourself. The challenge along with my virtual training are huge steps toward accomplishing your resolutions every year!

Interested in learning more about the 24 Day Challenge? Click Here for more details on the life changing products: