*Functional Fitness:MRT and HIIT training that fixes your imbalances and eliminates the need to waste your money in a gym. Learn the secrets for fitness success.

*Impact Martial Arts:The Family that kicks together sticks together. Learn the secrets for making this saying a reality with our Impact Martial Arts program.

Want know the secrets for improving your home security plan to be more than just an alarm system? We have the solutions you need for your family to feel safer while making criminals avoid your home. Learn the specific "active shooter" defense secrets that law enforcement is too afraid to teach. We will train your church staff or company staff members an eight week programs they will never forget.

*Dog Obedience:How well does your dog sit, heel, lie down and stay? When do you apply these skills? Learn real applications for these skills in these fun fitness classes designed to make your dog want to be your training partner.

*Advocare Nutritional Coaching:60% of sculpting the body and having the health of your dreams comes from maintaining better eating habits. So how do you do it? Dragon Fire hosts monthly 24 Day nutritional challenges and grocery store seminars that attract big results! Interested? Contact us to reserve your spot today.

upcoming Events

Here are our upcoming free or low-cost special events. Sign up early.  Space is limited. 

Athletic Conditioning Clinics 

Starting September 23, this is the newest of our fitness classes designed for the 12-18 yr old athlete trying to get to the next level in his training or looking for something to keep you athletic and make you better in the off season. Visit www.accessduarte.com and click "recreation classes" to register for this action packed program.

Martial Arts Testing
Stripe Testing Belt Promotions: 5pm, Wednesday, 09/27/2017   

*The cost of each belt test is rank specific. Inquire at the front desk after receiving your testing ticket.

Fitness Testing and Body Composition
Saturday, 9/30/2017, 1:30 amCost: $20 or Free for unlimited members

(Our September body comp kicks off our next "24 Day Challenge")

FreeSelf Defense Workouts

How would you handle a scary self defense situation? If it happened in 60 seconds, would you be ready? Whether it be on your daily jog around the city, a home break in or an active shooter situation, are you prepared to run? Would you know how to hide? Could you put up a high energy, athletic fight that would make an experienced attacker want to give up? Learn practical approaches to self defense situations while burning tons of calories. Join us at Royal Oaks Extension Park, 2 Dr., Duarte, Ca. 91010 on Saturday, September 16 & 24, from 8-9am. in these informative and free orientations taught by Sensei Robbie himself, learn his approach to family defense in the home as well as how to deal with violent attacks in public places. Wear your workout clothes, be ready to get a fun training experience and tell your friends!

Call us today to reserve your spot.

Level I Grocery Store Seminar

The success of your diet goals are are based on what food you keepin your house. This seminar will help you to identify the tricks and traps the food industry teaches stores to control the way you shop. Also, which stores go along with these deceptive designs and which ones help you to make better shopping decisions for attracting better health. We will begin in a local, less healthy "chain store" and finish in a healthier one. It all finishes with a scavenger hunt to test your knowledge, for fun nutritional prizes. This seminar is perfect for those taking on the 24 Day Challenge.   

Got resolutions? Robbie Alexander will help you achieve them. 

(visit the pro shop to register and remember to RSVP)

Where: TBD

Cost: $25

Date: TBD 

Time: 8am



What is Dragon Fire?



Dragon Fire is a very respected source for personal security training. Personal Security encompasses martial arts training your entire family can enjoy, We also offer home security training/design combined with functional fitness training to help you go the distance in emergency situations. We also specialize in combining fitness to dog leadership/obedience training to help your canine companion better serve your family while you shed fat and build muscle in the process.

Sensei Robbie Alexander, NSCA, APDT

In the past, Dragon Fire's creator, Robbie Alexander, NSCA-CPT, APDT, has been responsible for designing programs for and training new recruits for martial arts companies in the L.A. area. He has a gift for patiently helping people develop their inner strengths and getting results in a short period of time while learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After teaching and training championship caliber students for 13 years,  Robbie created Impact Martial Arts & Fitness in 2002. He not only helped many parents regain their power and reclaim their family's sanity, but for those who are fully committed to their success, his martial arts  and functional fitness programs give a great sense of security, strength and endurance while improving overall health. Now, in his newest program, Robbie combines his leadership principles that parents appreciate with k-9 leadership principles. The result is a powerfully effective and fun dog leadership and obedience training program called the Alpha P.A.L.S. K-9 and Owner Fitness program. Now, you can have a very entertaining way to apply obedience skills, learn to communicate, connect, develop a deeper bond and do fitness training with your favorite fitness partner, your mid to large breed dog!

Robbie knew he could really make a bigger positive influence in people's lives on a global scale so he published "Dragon Fire: Finding Your Personal Best" and created the Dragon Fire wellness programs as a platform for applying his unique approach to success. 

Let's face it, there are so many physical training programs on television and on DVD, anyone can become a personal trainer and there are an endless amount of training centers in every city and unfortunately, most people don't implement the DVD, gym, personal trainer or the new weight loss program they have spent their hard earned money on. Why is this? Contrary to popular belief, knowledge isn't power. Implementation is power. The energy behind the mindset that creates a champion of any industry is what Robbie Alexander calls Dragon Fire. The Dragon Fire book lays the foundation and arms you with the techniques and strategies for doing your own personal "open heart surgery" for understanding why you lose the motivation to do the work necessary for accomplishing the big goals in life. This motivational book also keeps your personal "dragon fire" alive. 

If you want to achieve real, long lasting results in our weight loss programs as well as all the other areas of your life, you must do more than exercise your body. To experience powerful life changes, you also need to exercise and reprogram your mind for attracting the success of your dreams. Also, if you are ready for the full journey to finding your better self, you need to experience spiritual growth. Willpower alone doesn't change your lifestyle. Long term results are the byproducts of your spiritual development. The end result will be sweeter relationships and ultimately, more powerful life.

Losing weight is a fitness journey, its about eating lighter and cleaner as well as learning how to properly shop for and use produce (fruit & veggies) and supplements to achieve your desired results. Focusing on first things first, lets turn your body into an efficient, fat burning furnace and then you can use the warrior's philosophy behind the training to become successful in other areas.  

The spiritual aspect of your personal training is here if you wish to walk that path. What does it mean to develop your spiritual life? Many martial arts programs claim to help you in that area, but do they really? Understanding how to develop in this area can dramatically change your life for the better and for a lifetime. Chapter four of the life changing, Dragon Fire book is a fantastic lesson on what habits should be present in order for you to experience true spiritual growth and how a person who is connected to God can learn to grow closer to Him. You can only get so far on your own. Your true potential is much closer than you think.

With Dragon Fire's weight loss programs, you will change your perceptions and attitudes about weight training, mental fitness, and the overall healthy (and wealthy) lifestyle. This is where the Advocare, 24 Day Challenge comes into play. The 24 Day Challenge is a nutrition and wellness course designed to improve your approach to eating and supplementing for experiencing bigger results.

As many studies have shown, the health of your heart determines the health of your brain and the health of your brain determines how your body functions. Robbie will not only show you correct physical exercise form and techniques, but he will demonstrate and teach mental exercises as well. He will inspire you to accomplish your personal transformation goals, to remember why you have them and to use your Dragon Fire to experience the best weight loss breakthroughs which will introduce you to your better self.

Breaking bad habits is one of the biggest challenges one can face. Robbie says, "I got ya'! Together, we will recognize your bad habits and replace them with good ones". You will develop habits that will bring you closer to the most important people in your life, uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fun, challenging, results oriented and stress-busting fitness sessions. These experiences will shift your focus to improved inner health, and constant mental expansion.

You deserve it, now lets Go Get It!

  After you read Dragon Fire, Robbie will help you set goals and reach them. "I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you to understand the proper techniques for performing physical martial arts, free running, fighting for the big and small screen or the ring, strength training, flexibility, athletic cross training, cardiovascular endurance, and encourage you to maintain proper nutritional lifestyle habits". Along with finding your definition of success, Robbie will take you step by step through the processes involved with understanding HOW to achieve it, regardless of your level of personal development. 
So If you're ready to join the Whittier weight loss revolution, you have picked the best place to start your journey.

    Dragon Fire programs will help you:

  • Assess your physical condition and track changes
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Learn better eating habits
  • Learn proper strength training techniques
  • Improve endurance
  • Find motivation
  • Improve your appearance 
  • Understand the difference between being rich, wealthy, broke and poor.
  • Become more wealth conscious
  • Gain muscle and lose fat (tone your muscles)
  • Reprogram your mind for success
  • Improve mental alertness
  • Reach your intentions
  • Break out of your personal cocoon of limitations.

Stay in touch!

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"What counts is not only the number of hours you put in, but how much you put into those hours" -Anonymous